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Listener Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests:

  • Katie asks for prayers for her Mom, whose ex-husband took out loans in her name for 15 years and for a miracle that Katie and her mom could find a home in a nice neighborhood.

  • Sharnice asks for prayers that the Lord release her from her fear and anger.

  • Prayers for a wife, husband and daughter for peace, safety, wisdom and health.

  • Ed asks for prayers for the church in Poland, Canada and the United States, for his family, for wisdom and for a new ministry.

  • Shelly and Holly pray that their clients will follow them to their new salon and that they will get new clients.

  • Prayers for a person who wants to continue their education but does not know how to finance it at this time.

  • Prayers for a friend with stage 4 breast cancer who is also spiritually lost.

  • Brian asks for prayers that his family comes to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • D.J. asks for prayers for a friend dabbling in the occult. Prayers for wisdom, guidance and protection.

  • Prayers for a prodigal daughter to return home.

  • Shalmon asks for prayers to save his marriage.

  • Keijo asks for prayers for the truth of the Word to reach people in Jesus' name.

  • Prayers for the Lord to equip a family member for evangelizing and those within that family member's sphere of influence will come to know Christ.

  • Daniel asks for prayers hope, strength, peace, His presence, a softened heart for Him, forgiveness, healing and freedom from anxiety and depression.

  • Giselle asks for healing prayers for her relationship with her sister and for the presence of the Holy Spirit in her life.

  • Hanne asks for prayer for a christian brother for courage and that Jesus will set him free in every area of his life.

  • Nancy asks for prayer for her and her three children, her relationship with her children's father and for success in her job.

  • Tina asks for prayers for her marriage.